Monday, October 19, 2009

Open Letter to a evolutionist:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am very inquisitive fellow, so would please clarify some areas of concern for me. How did life come from non-life, since this can not be duplicated in a lab? How did organs such as an Heart, kidneys,and liver evolve. Because we all know we can not function long with a partial or deformed organs.Well how about Darwin's Nemesis the glorious eye. Not to mention the vast miles of veins that allow blood to flow throughout our bodies.That curious phenomena called blood clotting, well I guess we just bled to death until nature caught up. This one has been of interest to me, how or when did procreation take place on our evolutionary tree. Did male and female both evolve simultaneously to allow reproduction for all species? Now that's a miracle worth noticing!! Symbiotic relationships bother me also: the bee and the flower, hunter and prey, the fly and maggots. Did they evolve at the right time and place too! wow! The swine flu brings another point about our immune system, how did that evolve? How come with the million experiments and mutations done to the fruit fly it is still a fruit fly? Just wondering? How did coded information in the form of DNA get into our cells that if were written in book form would fill a library of 4000 books and all together would fill the Grand Canyon 75 times! That's it, that's where that little warm pond started at the Grand Canyon! No seriously where did the little warm pond come from, or the earth and don't forget the lighting. What about the first and second law of thermodynamics where did energy come from, and is running out and down, I know I am. Time, space and matter where did they come from? Now draw a circle and fill in everything you know about the universe, now in the vast space left, could there be any room for God.Well there was no room in the inn for Jesus either. "Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?Tell me if you have understanding."(GOD) Job 38:4

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